Update on our Islamic account conditions

Update on our Islamic account conditions

We are adjusting the administration fees for crypto-trading on Sharia-compliant accounts

We would like to inform our traders that as of 17 March 2020 we will be making adjustments to the administration of crypto-trading in Islamic (swap-free) accounts.

Islamic accounts will continue to be Sharia-compliant, however a weekly administrative fee for the warehousing of positions on cryptocurrencies will apply for positions that are held for seven days or more. No fees will be charged on positions for the first six days.

The below table shows the charges that will be applied in 7-day increments in USD per 1 full lot per day.

In preparation for this change, we will send a reminder email to all traders who hold an Islamic account and could be affected by this change as the date approaches.

For more information, our Customer Service team is available to help around the clock.

The ThinkMarkets team

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