15 Million Clients Globally

15 Million Clients Globally

It’s amazing statistics time. Jamaica has 120 rivers; in Europe, they speak over 200 languages; if the world’s total population stood shoulder to shoulder, it could fit inside Los Angeles. And now our impressive figure – 15 MILLION! That’s the number of FBS clients we are expecting any time soon.

Imagine our 15-million trader is in one of the 193 countries around the globe with no clue we are waiting for him/her. This trader is destined to succeed from the very beginning. Once we know who the lucky one is, we’ll prove once again that miracles are real. Stay tuned and see how will surprise our milestone client.

From 50,000 clients in 2009 to 15 million today – what a long jump! Today FBS invests all the efforts in developing our app products and improving core services we provide daily. The future looks beckoning with you by our side. Cheers to the new countries we want to be present in and new clients we plan to welcome to the family!

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