How To Grow Your Dropshipping Business Through Video Advertising

How To Grow Your Dropshipping Business Through Video Advertising

At SaleSource we help small businesses grow with our marketing and design; talent and technology. Video advertising, it a great way to grow your business, but how do you do it? We’ve broken it down into four easy steps.

Step #1: Decide what video you’re creating

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What product or services do you have that you’d like to start with? Maybe the most profitable ones, the ones you’d like to sell more of, start there. And then just pick the best one. That’ll help you understand where you want to start, and you want to create a video for that. And so a good example here is, we do all kinds of marketing for all different types of businesses; local businesses, ecommerce businesses, big and small but one particular industry is roofers. They do very well, and the reason is because their average price point is obviously pretty high so they see a really nice return on investment. So what would make sense for us, we’d like to get more roofing customers. So that’s an idea for us, so we could create a video for roofers specifically talking about our marketing program and how it works for roofers. In this video we’d want to add value so that whether they go with us or somebody else or do it themselves there’s powerful tips within the video to help them potentially take advantage of to grow their business. So adding value in the video is hugely important and also builds trust. What happens is people recognize that and they just decide to go with you and do business with you so you generate a lot of leads and a lot of sales, which is relevant if you want to know how to make money on shopify.

But the key is, you have to be able to develop a video about a very specific thing that adds a lot of value, and so start there. Think about your products and services that you do the best with, that you want more of, and then start thinking about how you can develop some videos that answer those key questions, the answers, the information that people are looking for in the world. When they find this video they’re going to get great value out of it, and at the end of the video, you just implement some simple call to action.

So for example in our video that we make about roofer marketing, at the end we could just say something like hey, fill out the form for a free consultation to learn more about what we could do to help grow your roofing business specifically, something like that. In your videos you’ll want to have some sort of call to action at the end as well. So it starts with deciding what video to create, how to add value into that video. Once you create the video, you can move to step two.

Step #2: Promotion


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The video’s done, now where do you put it? Where do you promote it, where do you post it? So you need to think about those channels. So in the roofer example, we would want to advertise on Google and optimize landing pages to rank high on Google for keywords like roofer advertising or roofer marketing tips. These types of key words very relevant here. If we’re running ads at the top, this is specifically information somebody wants that leads them to our landing page with the video that we’ve created. That’s very powerful, but in addition to that on Facebook and Instagram we probably want to show this video too; we want to target roofers on those channels, and people that visit our website will want to remarket them with that video so when they’re on Facebook and Instagram they see that video. Start thinking about YouTube, in particular if you want to focus on aliexpress best sellers. A lot of people go to YouTube. It’s the second-largest search engine in the world, so what key words do you want to rank that video for on YouTube?

For us, we’d want to rank it for when somebody searches roofer marketing tips and those sorts of things we’d want that video to show up so people see it. They get eyeballs on it; that’s going to drive us sales. In addition to that, what other channels make sense? For us, it would be LinkedIn. We’d want to target other roofers on LinkedIn so we’d want to build a campaign targeting business owners that own roofing businesses on LinkedIn and we’d want to post that video and promote that video to those folks. That’s going to drive a lot more awareness and a lot more sales, right? So think about your products and services and the demographics and the individuals that you’d like to target, and then where do they spend their time online? What are they searching on Google? what are they watching on YouTube? Where are they on social media? If you can answer those questions, that’s where you need that video to be, and now you know you have the video, now you know where to put it, now you can move to step three.

Step #3: Determine the budget

Step number three is to determine a budget. So, it’s not free just to put your video through all these different channels, right, you have to put an investment out there. It costs money for people to see these ads. What are you interested in investing for that? What are you willing to invest? Come up with a budget. Now how much are you going to spend on those Google ads? How much are you going to spend on the Facebook ads, or LinkedIn ads or whatever it is that you’re running, how much are you going to invest? And then even almost more importantly, how are you going to track it, because if you can’t track it you can’t understand the return, right? So you’re going to want to make sure you have all those videos leading to a conversion form that allows you to track those leads and those sales and tie back to revenue so that you know hey, I put a thousand dollars into this campaign and I’m getting ten thousand dollars out. In terms of sales, that’s a winner. I’m going to go ahead and increase that budget, right? You would just want to keep increasing the budget for getting that kind of result, wouldn’t you? But the key to marketing is doing more of what’s working and less of what’s not, and if you’re not truly tracking it, and you can’t turn off things that aren’t working and turn up things that are, I’d recommend using a CRM so that you can pull this information into a CRM and you can track your results. And truly, see which videos are driving you the most sales.

Step #4: Build nurturing campaigns

Build nurturing campaigns off of your video campaigns, so what happens is, is you’re going to have people that see the video, they take some sort of an action, maybe they request a free consultation like in our example and then maybe they don’t actually turn into a sale for you yet. But if you’re nurturing them, sending them automated email marketing campaigns, you’re creating additional videos adding value on that topic, you’re sending them case studies and all other sorts of things to help build their trust and confidence, you’re eventually going to get those sales. And that ties back to why a CRM’s important because you can build these automated journeys so that when somebody converts something like a free consultation form and goes into your CRM, you start working them from the sales side, you can build automated journeys to send them the additional emails and videos and those sorts of things until they finally are convinced that you are the best solution for them and they do become a customer, and that’s where you see your sales increase.

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