AMTS investnew investment service.

AMTS investnew investment service.

GKFX together with AMTS Solutions have launched a completely new investment service AMTS invest – the only PAMM account marketplace on the market that combines several brokers into a single investment pool.

The innovative platform blurs the boundaries, uniting several Forex brokers within a single service for managers and investors, which certainly makes the service as attractive as possible for a huge number of traders and investors.

Managers are not limited to one broker, and can choose among several companies that are suitable for jurisdiction, trading conditions, payment methods, bonus promotions, etc.

The investor gets access to a large number of managers of different brokers within the framework of a single investment rating.

Features Of AMTSinvest:

o The only PAMM account marketplace on the market.
* Individual trading intervals for each Investor.
* Automatic correction of transactions during deposits and withdrawals.
* Instant execution of requests for input and output.
* Remuneration may depend on the timing and amount of investment.

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