Quarterly investment portfolio for SeptemberNovember 2020

Quarterly investment portfolio for SeptemberNovember 2020

One of the most frequently asked questions by novice investors is: “How to find your way around the variety of financial instruments and make money?”

To avoid beginner’s mistakes and unnecessary losses, you need to form a smart investment portfolio with a set of instruments optimized to suit your purposes, interests, and resources.

Grand Capital experts have compiled the most promising instruments in a portfolio for September-November 2020. Use it to diversify your risks and distribute your investments across different instruments.

Here’s the portfolio for the fall 2020:

  • Recommended investment: 500 USD;

  • Portfolio type: moderate;

  • Potential profit: 124%;

  • Maximum potential loss: 61%.

According to our experts, the highest returns will be generated by the shares of Netflix, Facebook, Apple and Tesla. Download the portfolio right now:

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You will need a Standard account to start making money with a portfolio investment.

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Key advantages of the investment portfolio:

  • Balance and transparency. Risks and potential returns are known in advance;

  • Suitable for all clients, regardless of their experience in the financial markets;

  • Portfolio can be customized according to your request. We always pay attention to the desires of our investors, and if you see promise in particular instruments, we’ll make sure to include them in your personal portfolio;

  • Suitable for any budget. We’ll select a relevant portfolio option based on your available resources. The recommended minimum investment in a portfolio is $100.

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