Dreams come true From teaching sports to teaching trading

Dreams come true From teaching sports to teaching trading

Trading is not only about profit and loss – it’s about chasing the dreams! Meet Francisco Javier Rivera Florez, a sports trainer from Acacias, Colombia, who became a winner of the “Dreams Come True” contest in July.

Francisco Javier Rivera Florez was dreaming about a projector so he could start his own business and conduct trading classes for people who have never tried it before. Once, he was surfing the net for the best trading opportunities, saw a DCT contest, and took part. Not from the first attempt, but the second has he won a present of his dreams!

“About four months ago, I began to learn everything about FBS. With a partner, we got an idea to create our own company and help people learn to trade. We needed some tools to do it, and the projector was one of the most important and expensive ones. That’s why I wanted to win it!” shares the winner.

Now Francisco Javier Rivera Florez can start his own business and teach other people how to trade and succeed in the Forex market with FBS. We kindly congratulate him and will always be there by his side!

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