The investment portfolio was extended for the next quarter

The investment portfolio was extended for the next quarter

At the beginning of autumn, we talked about the quarterly investment portfolio for September-November 2020. We would like to inform you that we are extending the life of this portfolio for one more quarter – the list of recommendations will remain valid until February 2021! You still have a chance to download it and use the recommendations of professional traders for profitable trading.

A portfolio is a universal tool suitable both for beginners and experienced traders. It allows you not to get lost in the variety of financial instruments, to distribute funds between several instruments and, as a result, to achieve higher profitability.

To avoid mistakes and loss of funds, you need to competently form an investment portfolio, which will have an optimal set of instruments in accordance with the set goals, interests and opportunities. The key of success of a portfolio lies in the balance of assets.

In September, Grand Capital analysts conducted a market research and determined which assets should be paid attention to in our difficult times. Based on the research results, they recommended adding shares of Netflix, Facebook, Apple and Tesla to the investment portfolio.

The fall 2020 portfolio is:

  • Recommended investment: 500 USD

  • Portfolio type: moderate trading

  • Potential profit: 124%

  • Maximum loss: 61%

The market is unpredictable and fluid. When compiling an investment portfolio, it is important to diversify your investments. In case one of the assets goes down, others can correct the situation.

In particular, this happened with the autumn portfolio. Netflix’s stock price unexpectedly dropped by $70 from $552 to $482.

Netflix stock price in real time

However, the situation was corrected by a sharp rise in the value of Tesla shares. The price has risen by $ 98! Making $ 555.

Tesla stock price in real time

According to forecasts, Tesla’s share price will continue to rise in the coming quarter. Along with the beginning of 2021, the price of Apple shares is also expected to rise. Facebook and Netflix quotes are still unpredictable. It will be possible to say something definite about them only after the end of the election period in the United States.

The portfolio is still up to date and you can use it for the next three months.

The main advantages of the investment portfolio:

  • Balance and transparency. You know in advance about the risks and returns;

  • Suitable even for beginners, so your trading experience is not important;

  • The portfolio can be customized according to your request. We always listen to the investor, and if you see prospects in other types of instruments, they will definitely be included in your personal portfolio;

  • Suitable for any budget. We can select a relevant portfolio option based solely on your capabilities. The recommended minimum for an investment portfolio is $ 100.

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