The CopyStar Contest Results

The CopyStar Contest Results

The CopyStar contest has ended, and we are proud to announce the results. Let’s congratulate our winners:

1st place: Hiroki Hayakawa from Japan.

The trader received a special prize for the biggest number of copiers during the contest.

Congratulate the trader with the nickname Rtb – the double winner. Rtb gets MacBook Pro and Apple Watch Series 6 as prizes! Subscribe to him in FBS CopyTrade.

2nd place: Masrul Helmi Bin Mohsin from Malaysia, nicknamed masrul in FBS CopyTrade. He gets iPhone 11 Pro Max.

3rd place: Norhidayah Binti Amrial from Malaysia, nicknamed Adam. He gets iPhone 11 Pro.

All winners also get PRO Trader status!

Stay tuned. More amazing contests with FBS CopyTrade are coming!

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