Coming coin reward stake sizes and rates change

Coming coin reward stake sizes and rates change

Dukascopy Bank would like to inform the current and potential participants of the Dukascoin reward programs that starting from 1st of April, 2021 reward rates for the new coin reward stakes will be lowered and the stakes size structure will be changed. The updated income schedule remains stake size dependent and is represented as follows:

Size of the stake (DUK ) Reward for 1 year stake
Regular / Blockchain
Reward for 3 month stake
Regular / Blockchain
50 5/15 1/3
200 10/20 2/4
500 15/25 3/5
1000 20/30 3.5/5.5
2500 30/40 5/7
5000 40/50 6.5/8.5
10000 50/60 8/10

The Regular reward scheme implies staking and custody on the Multi-currency account of the Bank, while the Blockchain scheme means external staking opportunity at higher rates (link).

This update does not concern EUR Reward rates that remain unchanged (link).

The Bank guarantees that this change will not affect stakes allocated before 1st of April, 2021. For those who are considering joining the coin reward program with current more lucrative rates, there is more than one month left to decide!

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