Information on trading restrictions for TRY currency pairs

Information on trading restrictions for TRY currency pairs

Dear Customers!

Taking into account increased volatility of interbank rate markets and Turkish lira (TRY) currency markets, Renesource Capital risk department has taken a decision to restrict new position opening in all Turkish lira currency pairs (TRY) starting from 24th March, 2021.

Please be informed, that once market conditions normalize (volatility indicators in interbank rate and currency markets stabilize), trading positions will be lifted.

High volatility in interbank rates and on Turkish lira (TRY) currency pairs may result in significant price gaps, widened spreads and slippages, which may cause negative equity on client accounts (negative balance).

It is strongly advised that Clients maintain appropriate and sufficient amount of margin on their trading accounts at all times. Volatility can trigger Margin Call and following Stop Out (Stop Loss) orders on your trading account. We recommend that Clients use Stop orders to limit risks.

If you have any questions, please contact your Account Manager or email us at [email protected].

We appreciate your understanding,

Kindest regards,
Renesource Capital brokerage team

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