NordFX Savings Account Investment Income Trading Income

NordFX Savings Account Investment Income  Trading Income

April 30, 2021   The new Savings Account from NordFX represents a unique knowhow developed by the company39;s specialists, based on DeFi technology. This account allows you not only to receive passive income up to 30 per annum, but also to increase your profits through operations in the financial markets. It is just enough to take a trade loan at only 3. DeFi from the English Decentralized financing is a term for special applications in cryptocurrency or blockchain, aimed at eliminating financial intermediaries. It is these advantages of DeFi that have formed the basis of the innovative new NordFX Savings Account, allowing its owners to generate profits many times higher than interest on bank deposits. Passive income on their investments is currently about 30 per annum and may vary. The world39;s most popular stablecoin, Tether USDT, the rate of which is secured by real US dollars in a ratio of 11, is used as the account currency. The minimum deposit amount for this account is equal to 500. In addition to USDT, deposits are also allowed with USDC and DAI stablecoins, which will be automatically converted to USDT. Withdrawals are also possible in USDT. The undoubted advantage of this account is the ability to take a trade loan secured by the funds placed in it. The interest on the loan is only 3 per annum and is deducted from the investment income. The loan funds are instantly credited to the balance of the Trader39;s Cabinet and can be used for trading on terms similar to…

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